Posted by: K | December 3, 2010


i admit, i’ve been neglecting this blog. i’m sick, for the second time this winter, and believe me, it’s NO fun. but i’ve also been busy working on something else: getting into grad school! somehow bf motivated me to get started, thank you. now i’m jumping in head first, with a lot of work ahead of me: study for gmat, take gmat late january, write essays, get letters of rec, transcripts, oy. and all this by march. double oy. alright, back to studying i go!

Posted by: K | November 19, 2010

books, reading, loves :)

i just read a heated discussion on books on thataustingirl’s blog here.  can i just say that tolly is amazing?  she makes me want to move to austin even more than i already do (which is a LOT).  she really sparked a lot of people with this topic: books.  reading.

i’ve already mentioned that i love to read.  but this comment stream made me hit amazon and start researching some new finds.  i love the reviews on amazon.  it gives a different perspective than the *paid* writers working for publishing houses and periodicals.  but you do have to take those reviews with a grain of salt.  some people are just idiots on a rampage, writing because they can or because they have no where else to take out their anger.  it’s nice to hear what people think though.

there are SO many books i need to read.  “room” is one that keeps popping up, one everyone is telling me i have to read, and that it’s a finish-in-one-sitting, 3 hour read.  i’ll get there.

what have you been reading lately?

Posted by: K | November 17, 2010


i got nothin. it’s funny how i’ve been wanting to start a blog for months, because i had SO much to say. now i’m drawing a blank. i could blame it on the terrible cold i’ve had for the past couple weeks, my head in a fog, exhaustion. or perhaps it’s just stage fright. it’s a little crazy to think these words are going out into the world, they could end up anywhere, who knows who is reading this, right? i’m just throwing it all out there, i have to admit, i feel a little exposed.

Posted by: K | November 10, 2010

too many questions


writing a blog is hard!  dealing with wordpress alone has been frustrating.  it is so complex, which makes it difficult for a newbie.  slowly i am learning about this blogging platform.

then, there’s the worry of what to post about.  at first i thought, i’ll just write whatever i’m feeling like today.  but now i’ve started, i wonder, is this interesting?  do i need to write on a particular theme?  does my blog have a purpose?  does anyone want to read this?  i am shooting in the dark here, so if you have suggestions, please do share.

it took me forever to just come up with a name for my blog!  i’ll write about that later.  for now, i will continue my little research project.


Posted by: K | November 7, 2010

just wondering

i have a hard time abiding by the rules when it comes to typing, texting, etc. sometimes it’s more fun to type without capitalization, and sometimes i’m just lazy. what about you?

Posted by: K | November 5, 2010

i love books (and sweden too)

i have always loved to read, to go to bookstores, check out books from the library and collect books. one day i’ll have a fantastic library in my house, dark wood shelves lining the walls, floor to ceiling, just like in the victorian era, with a lot of comfy seats.

my current literary obsession is stieg larsson’s trilogy, “the girl with the dragon tattoo.” lisbeth salander is hot. just thought i’d throw that out there. but in all seriousness, larsson has created a truly compelling character, bright, quick, with a deep dark past. i’m waiting to get my hands on book three. oh, i should mention i watched all three swedish movies prior to reading any of the books. and they are well worth your while to watch them. just fascinating, fast-paced mysteries, with some beautiful scenic shots of sweden. this has provoked another slight obsession for me: all things swedish.

i mean, why not? the swedes are pretty darn cool. they live up near the arctic circle, produce some awesome pop music, think peter, bjorn & john, eric prydz’s “call on me” (classic music vid), and old school fave robyn. plus there’s the fact that sweden is known for its beautiful people:

Caroline WinbergSwedish Models Mathias Bergh

a lot of my knowledge of swedish trivia and culture can be attributed to the hairy swede, whose blog is quite vast and entertaining.

back to books.  i don’t spend enough time reading.  work tends to get in the way.   when i was little, i toted my book around with me everywhere i went, reading in the car on the way to the grocery store, sitting in the backyard.  i would even read to my cat.

i’m always finding new books to add to my “to read” list.  i just heard of a new book yesterday, through two different email lists i’m on.  adam levin’s “the instructions.”  they are comparing it to david foster wallace’s “infinite jest,” a book i’ve been wanting to read for years.  perhaps i’ll hunker down for the winter and get to reading!

Posted by: K | November 3, 2010

starting something new

i have wanted to start a blog for quite some time now, but there are a few reasons that have been holding me back:

~blogs seem kind of overdone. everyone has a blog. and they seem so three years ago.

~blogs are very public, and i happen to enjoy my anonymity.

aside from these hesitations, i quite love reading blogs. they are relevant, they are candid, they are personal, and they are written by real people. i guess most people are real, but you know what i mean.

and i have been wanting to write stuff down, to tell someone, to share with the world. so without further ado, hello world! (click publish).