Posted by: K | November 19, 2010

books, reading, loves :)

i just read a heated discussion on books on thataustingirl’s blog here.  can i just say that tolly is amazing?  she makes me want to move to austin even more than i already do (which is a LOT).  she really sparked a lot of people with this topic: books.  reading.

i’ve already mentioned that i love to read.  but this comment stream made me hit amazon and start researching some new finds.  i love the reviews on amazon.  it gives a different perspective than the *paid* writers working for publishing houses and periodicals.  but you do have to take those reviews with a grain of salt.  some people are just idiots on a rampage, writing because they can or because they have no where else to take out their anger.  it’s nice to hear what people think though.

there are SO many books i need to read.  “room” is one that keeps popping up, one everyone is telling me i have to read, and that it’s a finish-in-one-sitting, 3 hour read.  i’ll get there.

what have you been reading lately?


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